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You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them

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henry green is my favorite person on this entire planet and here are nince reasons why

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Better Than Expected

I went into this tattoo shop yelp helped me pick. The artists had books and a screen that scrolled through artwork but they were dismissive and arrogant. They said I should scrap my idea, that I had just spent three days on, in favor for a “regular dream catcher” with dark ink colors I didn’t even like, because that’s all my tanned skin colors would allow. What a bunch of whores. I left feeling hopeless, but Jose goes hold on let’s try one more.

We went to truth ink, and the guy behind the counter, the younger of the brothers who work there was so enthusiastic about my idea that I left feeling elated, and grateful to give a deposit for my appointment! The version he drew up for me not only included the quote “make every second count” the other shop told me should be omitted from the design because it wouldn’t fit, but included other 3d elements I didn’t even think of that made the whole thing pop! They admitted the color scheme I wanted wouldn’t work, but being darker skinned themselves and more experienced they knew how to give me the light look I wanted, instead of the chunky look the other studio had drawn up.

Getting my tattoo obviously hurt, it goes from above and over my elbow to my wrist bone all along my ulna (outer arm bone), but the five hours was well worth it! I tipped the guy $100 because not only were their prices fair, it was $2-300 less than what the guy quoted me at studio 13, and I got what I wanted. Being genuine and humble goes a long way in life, and when it comes to a customers body and ideas you need to be careful saying “no” and spend more time trying to work with them. I don’t want some snob making me feel like my options are limited because of my skin color or tiny size. Truth Ink not only made my skin bloom, but made me feel accepted and understood, and is rewarded with my continuing business.

But, wonderfully as always, the best part of my day was when Jose came swooping in valiantly saving me from all the vultures and the impending voice of reason. Before my tattoo appointment, my therapist had let me in on why I started having panic attacks for the first time in the better part of a year. The reasons why were pretty understandable and I thought when I had to tell Jose it would be a messy afternoon. However he stood up straight and grabbed my hand and laughed me through it and reassured me so many reasons why I love him with all my heart, and that sometimes things can be hard and sometimes they can go way better than expected.